Posted by: kimberlysullivan | February 15, 2013

Launch of Foreign Encounters e-book

Foreign Encounters anthology 2012I already announced the launch of the Foreign Encounters anthology, where I was pleased to have one of my stories – Missed Connections – included.  This week, the e-book version of the anthology was launched – on Valentine’s Day.

I’ve enjoyed reading the contributions, both stories and essays, that are set all over the world, all joined loosely  around  the prompt ‘foreign encounters’.  Those of you familiar with my site know what a travel addict I am, so this anthology was the next best thing to having a plane ticket in hand. My author and critique friend Julia Hones wrote a nice blog entry about this anthology.

The other thing I love about this anthology, published by Writers Abroad, is that all proceeds from sales go to Books Abroad, an NGO sending shipments to book-poor countries. I work with developing countries, and I see firsthand  how important books are to rural schools and makeshift rural libraries in remote regions.

The work of these organizations is so important and I highly recommend contributing to Books Abroad or other, similar charities that send the gift of books to villages in need.  Why not enjoy this e-book yourself and, at the same time, ensure that books are shipped to those who need them most? Consider purchasing the e-book version of Foreign Encounters at Amazon or Smashwords.



  1. Congratulations, Kimberly!

  2. Thanks, Julia!!

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