Posted by: kimberlysullivan | July 5, 2013

Dreaming of a writing get-away

ZidleI’ve already written about how I sometimes dream, when I travel, of a room with a view  where I can take a little writing retreat.

When I visit these idyllic places, I am generally exploring with family or friends, and I don’t have the time – or desire – to seek out the solitude needed to write.

But I do often think about getting away alone and writing. Even a week or a long weekend would be heaven. I have so many new projects tumbling around in my mind, that a few days alone to get ideas down on paper might give me the kick start I need.

Being able to concentrate entire days on writing seems almost decadent. One day it will happen. For now, I’ll content myself with snatching time here and there, when I can manage.

And you, writers? Have you gone on writer’s retreats? Do you dream of your own room with a  view to work on your projects? Where would you go to write, if you could? Inspiration welcome!



  1. It probably seems strange but my favourite writing environment is my own study at home. I would rather send everyone else away and get to work.
    Alternately, I would love to have writing apartment in Paris or London, write hard most of the day, then walk about a big city with my ideas – and an early start and more work the next day.

    Perhaps a writing residency in a city is what I’d like!

    • Hi Catherine – well, I always love Paris! Don’t know how much writing I’d get done, however. : ) Both sound like pretty nice places…

  2. My writings are after all business stuff
    – but I have several places I love to be when I work alone… 🙂

    • Well I see from your site it’s most certainly not all business writing. : ) But it’s great to have some favorite haunts for any type of writing. We all need inspiration sometimes (even if it’s just a work report).

  3. I’m lucky enough to have managed three writing retreats so far. One DIY affair when I went to write at the beach, at a cafe, and at my local library (the beach was REALLY cold), one at Carousel Creates in the Dublin mountains, and one when I rented a small gate lodge from Irish Landmark Trust near Lismore. All three were brilliant. The new location helped, the solitude helped, planning to be productive helped, and the break from the usual routine really helped. Booking even one morning “off” from your usual life and changing your writing location can really help kickstart the creative juices.

  4. Sounds like heaven. Grace! I love the idea of the gate lodge near Lismore. That sounds like a little slice of heaven… But you’re right, even shaking things up at home can help spur your writing on.

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