Posted by: kimberlysullivan | October 8, 2013

Zipping through the trees in Bali, Indonesia

Bali TreeTop Adventure, IndonesiaThis past summer I was alone with my two boys on holiday in Bali, Indonesia. We managed to squeeze in lots of fun things to do during our ten days there (see my earlier post ), but one of their favorites was the TreeTop Adventure  in northern Bali.

This is a great adventure rope course, located in the Bali Botanical Garden, located near Bedugul, Bali. It’s a beautiful and peaceful spot. The instructors are good, and speak English. They walk the kids (and the adults who haven’t done this in a long time… ahem) through the motions on a small, low rope course.

After you’ve mastered that, you’re off on a series of color-coded courses, starting from the easiest (yellow) and working your way up to the hardest (black). Instructors are on the ground to talk you through it if you have questions.

Bali TreeTop AdventureTickets are purchased for 2 1/2 hour slots. Adults are 24 USD and children twelve and under are 16 USD. There are discounts for family packages. The park is overseen by French management and all safety equipment meets European safety standards. I found all the instructors and staff to be helpful and knowledgeable, and the circuits themselves were lots of fun.

Anyone scared of heights, well, this might not be for you. Some of the courses are 20 meters high, offering birds’eye views of the forest cover.

Bedugul lake temple, BaliMy eight-year-old required a little encouragement at times, but once he got the hang of it, he didn’t want to leave. My ten-year-old transitioned perfectly into Tarzan mode.

There are nets to climb, Tarzan ropes to swing on, and amazing zip lines that allow you to fly over the tree tops. We had a great day here, and my kids are anxious to go on their next TreeTop adventure.

The park is near the town of Bedugul, so you can also take a walk on the lake and enjoy views of the atmospheric temples. Enjoy your day as a monkey on your next visit to Bali.

Bali TreeTop Adventure, IndonesiaBali TreeTop Adventure, Indonesia



  1. Really a great post – it has certainly been “hard” to be the mother of these two wonderful “powder kegs” on your trip… 🙂 😉

  2. Haha. They certainly keep me on my toes. But shhh, I’ll tell you a secret. I enjoyed it almost as much as they did. Better not to let them know it, however. That’s how I get them to be good going to all the temples and museums. 🙂

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  8. Sounds like such fun!

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