Posted by: kimberlysullivan | April 11, 2014

Kindle version of Foreign & Far Away anthology now available

Writers Abroad 2013 Anthology coverYou may remember that I announced when the Foreign & Far Away anthology was launched back in October. I’d now like to let readers know that the Kindle version is now available, at the following Amazon link.

This anthology is released each year by the organization Writer’s Abroad, following a call for contribution from expat (or formerly expat) writers. For the past two years, I’ve been lucky enough to have my short stories included in this collection.

And each year, I enjoy reading the publication cover-to-cover, enjoying short stories, essays and poems set all over the world. If you love your stories and creative non-fiction with an international flavor, this anthology is for you.

Another great reason to pick up this anthology is that all profits go to a worthy cause – Books Aid International, an NGO carrying out the worthy task of shipping books to book-poor regions of Africa. As someone working in developing countries, I see first-hand what a difference these simple, community libraries mean to rural villages, so I’m especially proud to participate in any initiative helping to fund such a worthy cause.

So, Kindle readers, enjoy your virtual trip around the world. And writers, I’ll be announcing Writers Abroad’s annual call for contributions as soon as it is out.



  1. Great news, Kimberly. I will have a look at this e-book, definitely, since I will be in and out from home often next month. This is the only time I consider e-books practical. Congrats for having been selected two years in a row.

    • Thanks, Evelyne. I’m with you on e-books. Generally, I’m old-fashioned, preferring the sound of crisp pages. I know you write YA, but I don’t know if you write adult fiction, too. If so, hope you’ll consider this anthology for next year. I’ll announce the call for contributions. I’m sure you’d be a great addition to this anthology…

  2. Congratulations again Kimberly – I’m also old school but it’s very useful to have a publication out on Kindle ! It’s the way of the world ormai!!

    • Thanks, Catherine! Yes, I’m an old-fashioned paper reader, too. I’m on computers all day. Even the idea of staring at a screen when it’s time to relax and enjoy a book makes me break out in hives. BTW, I’ll announce the call for contributions. Hope you’ll be participating in next year’s anthology!

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