Posted by: kimberlysullivan | September 30, 2014

Cool down in Central Park’s Lasker pool

Lasker Pool, New YorkFor those of you have visited New York in the summer, you’ll know that summer in the city can get awfully hot.

The (illegal) way kids used to cool down was to tamper with the fire hydrants. Luckily, that practice is long gone, and children’s playgrounds now offer water park areas. My kids are always thrilled to cool down by running and splashing through the water.

But when we want to swim, we walk down to Central Park’s Lasker pool – a huge swimming pool at the northern end of Central Park, close to the Haarlem Meer.

Lasker Pool, New YorkThe pool was opened in 1966, and it is absolutely free to the public.

You may have missed this year’s Central Park swimming season for 2014, but soon you can enjoy ice skating and ice hockey. In the winter, the pool converts to a skating rink and hosts an Ice Hockey in Harlem volunteer program.

Swimming in the summer and ice skating in the winter – another reason to spend time in beautiful Central Park when you’re next in New York.


The old methods of cooling down during New York summers

The old methods of cooling down during New York summers (a.k.a. breaking fire hydrants)




  1. Looks great! How was Matera??

    • Yes, the pool is great. And Matera was spectacular. The return to real life is always a let-down. : ) Missed you this year! Hope we’ll have our fixed appointment next September…

  2. What a great city! I love NY and have been there in the summer a few times. Not the best season but it’s still the city. Although I have walked through Central Park numerous times I had no idea about the pool. Next time…

    • So glad to read you like NY, Evelyne. For me, it’s an amazing city, but I often get an earful from people who hate it. I guess it’s one of those cities you either love or hate. Next time you’re there on a hot summer day, you’ll know where to go. : )

      • New York fascinates me. I love the energy and being anonymous there if I want and yet feeling part of a unique crowd. And the pool sounds wonderful!

  3. Great to hear this, Evelyne. I agree with you about how NY makes one feel. For me, it’s also a nice counterbalance to Rome, another of my favorite cities but so completely different.

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