Posted by: kimberlysullivan | December 23, 2014

A room with a view … of the Acropolis

Athens, GreeceEarlier this month, my family and I had an enjoyable escape to Athens, Greece.

We live in Rome, and live close to the Colosseum and Ancient Roman Forum, so it’s not surprising that we wanted to be close to the Greek ruins on our visit to Athens.

Because of its position high up, the Acropolis is visible throughout much of the city.

Athens, GreeceBut we loved the view from our hotel, the Athens Gate Hotel, with its impressive breakfast terrace overlooking the Acropolis on one side, and Hadrian’s Gate and the ruins of the Roman-era Temple to Zeus on the other side.

The best of both (ancient) worlds…

It probably helped that we had great weather in which to explore this interesting city.

In future posts, I’ll write more tips about the museums and sites to see on your visit to Athens, but do take advantage of the many panoramic points around the city to admire the Acropolis next time you’re in the Hellenic capital.

Athens, GreeceAthens, Greece



  1. Super views. Hope to get back there one day. Merry Xmas and we seriously much catch up next year!

    • Buon Natale to you, too. I know I’ve lost you to the ski season, but I do hope we’ll have a catch-up (in Rome?) before next Matera. Tantissimi auguri, Catherine!

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