Posted by: kimberlysullivan | January 16, 2015

Writing inspiration in the mountains

Abruzzo, ItalyAlthough I live in Rome, I love to escape when I can to the nearby mountains of Abruzzo.

I have a small place in a little town up in the Apennine mountains, and I enjoy going out there to escape the chaos of Rome – to hike and mountain bike and ski.

I was out there recently for the New Year and enjoyed some wonderful days of skiing (not a given until the last minute, when Abruzzo finally got enough snow).

But I also find it a peaceful place to write.

When I’m there, I always manage to carve out time for my writing, after a day of hiking or skiing, and I’m always impressed by how much progress I tend to make when I’m there.

Maybe it’s the fresh mountain air, or days spent exhausted by physical activity, or the view from my window of the mountans when I sit down to write. Whatever the magical combination, I always find my Abruzzo visits productive on the writing front.

And you, writers? Do you have a magical place where your writing muse grabs hold of you? Do you find you’re always more productive in one specific place?

Happy and productive writing, wherever you are!



  1. Although I head up to our tiny place in the Dolomites with every intention of writing, I end up skiing then going out to the enoteca. Or sleeping in and looking out the window and reading entire books.
    The good news is that I have written several stories now that are set in the mountains. I find the atmosphere and history and the hardship and people very inspiring. Plus weird things happen up there!

    • Ah, but the nightlife is too tempting up north where you are. Abruzzo is decidedly more sleepy apres-ski. Looking forward to your mountain-themed stories! Brava!

  2. Maybe because you don’t live in Abruzzo you are more relaxed there and thus your creative juices flow more freely. I used to feel that way with Maine. Now I try to force myself to write anywhere, although I will always favor quiet places. Your mountain haven sounds wonderful!

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