Posted by: kimberlysullivan | April 28, 2015

Just another day in paradise. Missing my Maldives beach bungalow

CanMaldives you blame me? When I think back to our one week on a beautiful Indian Ocean island in the Maldives earlier this month, I can’t help but wish for just another day in Paradise.

Usually I’m an active traveler, I love exploring a new destination and leaving no proverbial stone unturned.

But in the Maldives, I was content to be lazy, and aside from snorkelling expeditions to neighboring coral reefs, I  enjoyed my existence confined to a 2 km by 500 meter island.


Home Sweet Home

From my beach bungalow, I enjoyed spectacular views of crystal clear water and white sand. When the tropical sun got too hot, I sat on my porch swing and read, then cooled down by diving into the clear, blue waters.

Ah, life is tough … : )

And island transport? Did you see that bicycle in front of my house at the photo up top? That was mine! How great to be far away from Rome’s traffic – with the option of swimming, walking, or biking from one point to the other.


The gorgeous colors of dusk on “my” beach

This was probably the hardest thing about my return to Rome – the city smog and sound of honking horns and traffic replacing the fresh air and the sound of the waves.

Oh, did I mention that stress levels on holiday in the Maldives were zero? But I suppose you could have guessed that.

So I’m sure you’ll understand why I’m pining away for my Maldives beach bungalow.

There are days I’d almost be willing to swim back… : )


What torture swimming in water like this every day…



  1. The Maldives is on my bucket list. I know people who have taken their kids there but I want a second honeymoon there!

    • Haha. I can get that. BUT it is one of those places that’s great for kids, too. Maybe two trips? : )

      • Good thinking!

  2. Nice pics.

  3. […] Earlier this spring we were in the gorgeous Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives. See my earlier post on our idyllic beach bungalow. […]

  4. […] My kids are often remembering back to our week here, at the Palm Beach resort, which offers lots to do for families. I’ve already written about the hydrofoil planes my kids enjoyed so much and our fabulous, little beach bungalow. […]

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