Posted by: kimberlysullivan | June 19, 2015

What are your writing projects this summer?

summer sunI don’t know about you, but summer can often be one of my slower writing periods.

Roman summers are hot, the days are long and there are lots of distractions to keep me from buckling down behind my computer.

I find it an ideal time to day dream, and plot out story lines and characters in my head, but I’m not always diligent about getting those ideas down on paper.

This summer I need to break those (bad) habits and start in on a  new project – still undecided between two stories I’d like to tell.

BUT, I do know I have to make an effort to set aside a little time every few days just to write.

And you writers? Do you find summer to be a more/less productive time? What projects are you working on this summer?



  1. Following success with this method last summer, I’m putting on my research hat and reading up on a specific period for my next historic novel. I’ll also be putting my children’s chapter book through the review process on Critique Circle. In theory I will be ready to revise one book and write another once September comes around.

    • So happy to hear you’re working on historical fiction, too! I still need to catch up with the product of your lighthouse research. Agree that summer lends itself to research and plotting, more than writing…

  2. I always used to think summer would finally be the time of lots of uninterrupted writing time. I finally know better. I am mostly inbetween projects, so I am going to take advantage of nice weather for long walks to help work out the next story.

    • Ooh, plotting and exercise in the good weather. Who can argue with that one, Janet? Good luck – and enjoy!

  3. In the past, always overly ambitious. This summer, two essays in the works, and one short story that I’ve been labouring over.

    • Ah, another short story writer. Look forward to seeing what you complete this summer! I also find I’m much more amenable to working on short stories than sitting down with a new novel over the summer. Good luck with the essays, too!

  4. I’m definitely aiming to make writing progress this summer, working on something old and something new. I want to dust off and move past the old novel that I can’t let go of, so planning to use Completely Novel to self publish it, so that my Dad can finally read it! If I get this one off my plate, I can focus on finishing the half complete and starting the new.

    I just encountered Wattpad which looks like an interesting place to write and get feedback at the same time. I’m a little tired of the traditional route which demands a lot of time for little result and so looking at what the new generation are offering 🙂 Jumping on the bandwagon!

    • Yay, Claire! Glad to see you’re nearing publishing. I’m hardly an expert in this area, and I sound like a broken record on this topic : ), but I hope you’ll make it down to Matera one year, because there are lots of inspiring stories of indie publishing there. And we’re years overdue for a wine and a chat. : ) Look forward to hearing about your experiences on Wattpad!

  5. I will use it to polish a manuscript for a publisher, now open to submissions, and to finish the draft of a new Middle Grade novel. At least these are my goals! Happy summer to you!

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