Posted by: kimberlysullivan | October 1, 2015

Hiking the Graukogel in Badgastein, Austria

Bad Gastein, AustriaI posted last week about my summer holidays in Mitteleuropa. The first place we stopped on our travels is the picture-perfect Alpine village of Badgastein, located in the Gasteiner valley in the Salzburg province.

There are kilometers and kilometers of beautiful hiking trails in this pretty Alpine perch. The first day there, we decided to explore the Graukogel. I’d been up and down this peak many times as a kid, but I was still impressed to see the gorgeous views from the top.

Bad Gastein, AustriaThere are lots of great trails from the peak – one easy one laid out with ridiculously comfortable lounge chairs placed strategically in all the panoramic points.

Had I known, I would have packed my book and been there til sunset, relaxing, reading, and taking in the gorgeous views.

There was also a fabulous trail to the source of the Badgastein waterfall, with great views over the valley.

Bad Gastein, AustriaAfter all this hiking and before beginning the (super steep) descent, we were happy to stop at the little restaurant to eat outside on the terrace, with stunning mountain views. We had cold white wine gespritztΒ and delicious Apfelstrudl with vanilla sauce. Yum – more than deserved before our long hike back down. : )

On the way, we also snacked a bit more on the blueberries we found along the way.

What a gorgeous day on the Graukogel. Now that I’m back to the hectic pace of ‘normal’ life, I’m really missing these lazy days of hiking in the Austrian Alps. Don’t miss views from the Graukogel when you’re in Badgastein.

Bad Gasteing, Austria



  1. Sounds like a lovely day!

    • It’s always a lovely day in the mountains! Since you’re an Italophile, have you been hiking here?

      • Not yet πŸ™‚ I have to but. Suggest me a good place!

  2. Yeah Salzburg and the surroundig area are wonderful… πŸ™‚

    • Agree -they are gorgeous. And I’m really missing that Apfelstrudl right about now. : )

  3. Oh the perfect combo between effort, natural beauty and great food! These make for memorable stories to cherish when winter comes.

  4. […] already written about hiking up the GraukogelΒ – another of the panoramic peaks of beautiful Bad Gastein, Austria – an idyllic Alpine […]

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