Posted by: kimberlysullivan | October 13, 2015

Admiring Prague from a paddleboat on the Vltava

Prague, Czech RepublicThis past summer, I was with my family in Prague, Czech Republic. On a beautiful, sunny day, my kids wanted to rent a paddleboat out on the Vltava River to float along and enjoy the city from a new perspective.

Back when I lived in this city, two decades ago, it seemed a ridiculously touristy thing to do. But now, I was clearly back as a tourist and we had fun paddling with the hordes and surrounded by ducks on the Vltava.

Prague, Czech RepublicFrom the river, it’s a pretty perspective of the Old Town (Starometska) and the Lesser Town (Mala strana), and you have great views up to the Prague Castle, and a different view to the Charles Bridge as you gaze up at it from below.

Although, you do get the impression that thousands and thousands of tourists in town take turns crossing the Charles Bridge and then renting paddleboats to maneuver the Vltava River.

Prague, Czech RepublicDespite the crowds, we had a great time peddling around the island and enjoying the warm sun on our faces.

Prague is always a beautiful city, and you shouldn’t miss the perspective from the river when you are next in this fairy tale city.

Enjoy your time on your Vltava River paddleboat. Sometimes it’s more fun to be a tourist rather than a local.

At least my kids thought so.

Prague, Czech Republic



  1. Excellent idea, hadn’t thought about the idea until you mentioned it… 🙂

    • So I’ve helped plan your next trip. : ) Have to hurry before it ices over…

      • Speaking of ice boats with small sails, in my very young days as an young teenager – we built ice boats with small sails and sailed or drove on the ice in the shallow fjords… 🙂

      • How much better does it get for a young kid than that? Pretty cool…

  2. Looks like fun to me!

    • Too bad we didn’t manage ages ago when you visited me here. Next time?

  3. Isn’t it great to see a familiar city from its river? Like your kids mine suggested to board a boat in Paris and see the city from the river Seine. I had never done it, although I ate on one of the boats many years ago. I’m so glad I listened to my kids. Paris from the Seine is so incredibly beautiful. We even saw my husband’s very first flat, years before we met! Prague is indeed a gorgeous city and your photos are lovely. I love the one with you and your sons.

    • Love Paris from every angle, but I agree with you that Paris is particularly beautiful from the Seine. And yes, kids often put the fun back into our view of the world and don’t understand why we sniff that something is too touristy. It’s good they can shake us out of our habits.

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