Posted by: kimberlysullivan | December 4, 2015

Coca Cola, chocolate bar … and a short story?

Short story distributorViva la France!

If we hadn’t reach that conclusion alone in these weeks after the events of Paris last month, we would have arrived there by the admirable appreciation of culture and literature in that country.

France – and specifically the pretty, southeastern mountain city of Grenoble – is the first city ever to offer automatic distributors of short stories.

How fabulous is that?

A number of the machines have been installed in the city, and readers can select from a  choice between one, three or five-minute stories to be printed for them on a receipt-type paper.

I’ve already written about the nice initiative I saw this summer in Salzburg, Austria, inviting people to get off their phone and to sit with a  good book in the center of the city. This seems another invitation to rethink our habits and get people reading again.

Let’s hope it takes off and starts a trend in other cities. Rome, anyone?

Happy reading to all!



  1. Great idea… 🙂

    • Isn’t it? I’d love something like this in my city…

  2. A fantastic idea… wonder how much people are using it? Would love to see more cI ties do the same…

    • Wouldn’t it be great? I already love travel, but how much fun would it be to visit different cities and have the chance to sample different short stories?

      • Oh that would be fab…. compile your own international anthology! There’s mileage in that idea…😆

  3. That’s pretty interesting. I’ll look into it. Thank you also, Kimberly, for your kind words about France.

    • We can certainly take lots of cultural lessons from your country, Evelyne. Here’s hoping this Grenoble experiment takes off! I adore short stories.

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