Posted by: kimberlysullivan | April 8, 2016

Let beach reading season 2016 officially begin…

Beach readingOver the Easter weekend, I spent a great day in the Italian beach town of Sperlonga.

The March day was spectacular, and my children and I had a fabulous time wandering the beach town we’ve visited many times before. We also had fun walking along the wide beach – always beautiful, but even better without the seasonal umberellas and lounge chairs cluttering the wide, crescent of sand.

My children quickly found a soccer companion, and they ran and kicked the ball happily on those wide, empty stretches.

And me? I immediately took my book from my bag – Joyce Carol Oates’ Mudwoman – and enjoyed my first beach reading of the season.

Isn’t it always great, that first beach read of the season? The promise of a long spring, summer and (for those of us living in Rome) early autumn of sand, surf, suntan lotion and great books.

Here’s wishing you all a great start to the beach reading season. Happy reading!



  1. The beach? A book? And Joyce Carol Oates? Paradise on earth. Mudwoman is pretty good, isn’t it?

    • Disturbing, but good. In parts, it reminded me of reading Gogol’s ‘Diary of a Madman’, that uncomfortable feeling as a reader when you realize your protagonist is unravelling.

      • Joyce Carol Oates never shies away from disturbing, right?

      • Proving wrong, I imagine, the advice ‘Write what you know…’

  2. […] Meanwhile, I enjoyed lazing on the sand under the gentle, spring sun. I even squeezed in some time for my first beach reading of the season. […]

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