Book Blogger HopOver at the excellent blog for readers, Once Upon a Littlefield, blogger Emma joins the Book Blogger Hop answering the question: Who am I reading for?

The question – which is ideally answered by many bloggers blogging about or reviewing books:  Do you read and review books mainly for publishers or authors?

Like Emma, I read and review books that I choose – neither for publishers nor authors, but for me. This is because I have limited free time, and reading is such a relaxing pleasure for me. I want to read books I like, and share them with other like-minded readers.

As a fellow author, I also try to review some books from author friends, and to post author interviews on my blog to help promote their books.

It’s great to see so many book blogs out there today, and I often learn about new books from what is being posted on these fantastic sites.

And you, fellow book bloggers? Would you care to answer the question of the Book Blogger Hop? Who are you reading for?

Regardless of the answer – happy reading to all!