Posted by: kimberlysullivan | June 14, 2016

The medieval town of Radicòfani, Tuscany

Radicòfani, Tuscany, ItalyTuscany is a pretty gorgeous region, with so much to see and do.

I have the chance to get up to one pretty corner of Tuscany each summer when my son attends a track and field camp in the pretty medieval town of Abbadia di San Salvatore.

It’s a great chance to visit the rolling countryside and pretty medieval towns dotting the landscape.

Radicòfani, Tuscany, ItalyOne of the most picturesque is the well-preserved medieval town of Radicòfani. It’s located in the Val d’Orcia, about 70 km south of Siena.

We loved our visit here in a town that seems suspended in medieval times, well, if you can block out the cars and vespas, that is…

Radicòfani’s main landmark is its impressive Rocca (castle), first documented in 978 as the Castle of Ghino Tacco.

Radicòfani, Tuscany, ItalyAt the time, it was purchased by the Monks of the nearby Abbadia di San Salvatore. The defensive position was used by Pope Hadrian IV to halt the advance of Barbarossa

It is at the town’s highest point (896 meters) and was renovated in the 16th century. It has two lines of defensive walls and can be visited and climbed up for impressive views. the castle is open daily 10:30-19:30.

Radicòfani, Tuscany, ItalyThe Romanesque church of San Pietro includes some works by Andrea della Robbia. The town is  a great place to wander and to rest your legs (from all that castle tower climbing) with a meal, a glass of wine or a coffee out on one of the squares.

We loved our short visit to this picturesque, medieval town.

For more regional tips, see my earlier post on Abbadia di San Salvatore, visiting medieval Sarteano, views from the top of the volcano-mountain Monte Amiata, and relaxing in the thermal baths of San Filippo ai bagni.

Radicòfani, Tuscany, ItalyRadicòfani, Tuscany, Italy



  1. Enchanting!

    • Yes, it is. And the food and wine aren’t so shabby either. : )

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