Posted by: kimberlysullivan | December 2, 2016

How cool is this? #Booksonthesubway

Books on the subwayI absolutely LOVE this idea. And now I find myself kicking myself, why one earth did I not discover this when I spent all of last August in New York?

Okay, definitely time to get back to scour the subway for these books.

The idea is remarkably simple. Every few days, Books on the Subway carries out ‘book drops’ on New York’s subway line. Anyone who finds them can scoop them up to read for themselves. Ideally, they are asked to shoot a photo and  a line about what they think to the Twitter site or with the hashtag #booksonthesubway. When the reader completes the book, he or she should bring it back so another commuter can enjoy it.

How’s that for civilization and culture in a city that can often seem far too distant from it – particularly in the chaos of rush hour?

And honestly, wouldn’t it be great to see more commuters enjoying the pages of a good book rather than glued mindlessly to their phones?

Good news for avid readers across the Pond,  London dwellers have their own version, Books on the Tube. So look out for it when you are in London.

Book Fairies, just a hint: When do you plan on coming to Rome? Here, subway riders are in desperate need of cheering up, and with some of the world’s most expensive books (sad to say), finding libri nella metropolitana would be a real treat.



  1. What a great idea…I haven’t heard of it but I think every city should have one.

    • Couldn’t agree more, Emma! And what a great way to add a smile to the early morning grind.

  2. Yeah, I saw Emma Watson doing her bit for books on the tube. Do you have book crossing points? I think that’s worldwide – nearest one to me is my local library – again you take one, log it on the site, leave it at another crossing point when you’ve read it.

    • Goodness, with the state of Italian libraries I doubt it. But it sounds like a good idea.BTW, have o check in on your site, but hope NaNo was a success for you – you certainly had an ambitious programme this year! Hope you take some (deserved) time for R&R.

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