Posted by: kimberlysullivan | June 27, 2017

Spring/summer mountain biking in Abruzzo

Mountain biking, Ovindoli, AbruzzoIt’s been far too long since I’ve managed to get out to my little mountain escape from the city, in Ovindoli, Abruzzo.

I’ve been dying for a weekend escape mountain biking on this picturesque high plain in the Apennine mountains.

Mountain biking, Ovindoli, AbruzzoI wrote about my last biking trip out here in the autumn.

Although I never meant for it to go so long, work, kids’ sports activities, exam schedules, etc all colluded to keep me away until now, but my kids and I managed to get here for an enjoyable weekend in the mountains.

Mountain biking, Ovindoli, AbruzzoSports events still kept us away longer than I would have liked, and we didn’t even reach the town until after midnight.

The town of Ovindoli is nothing like Rome on a Friday night. We whispered all the way on our walk to our house to not disturb the utter silence. Something we never feel the need to do in the chaos of weekend Rome.

Mountain biking, Ovindoli, AbruzzoSadly, over the weekend, home repairs kept me too involved in more mundane matters, so my kids got to enjoy the trails far more than I did.

But I did get a chance to join them and we enjoyed perfect weather, blue skies, and abundance of wildflowers and (as always) stunning views over the surrounding mountains.

Mountain biking, Ovindoli, AbruzzoWeekends mountain biking in the fresh mountain air never fail to revive me.

The landscape may have changed from the autumn colors I saw on my last visit, but the sense of wellness and peace remains the same.

It was very tough to have to pack up our things and leave once the weekend was through. Already looking forward to the next visit out here for more mountain biking and hiking. Until then, urban walks will have to fill the void …

Mountain biking, Ovindoli, Abruzzo


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