Posted by: kimberlysullivan | August 4, 2017

Book review: Hidden

Hidden novel coverThis is the third novel I’ve read – and enjoyed – by Canadian author, Catherine McKenzie.

Hidden is the story of a love triangle that unravels slowly following the death of Jeff, beloved father of Seth and husband of Claire and possible lover of Tish, a colleague who works at the same corporation, in another location.

I liked how the story was slowly revealed as we leaned about the lives of Jeff, Claire and Tish, with their normal stresses about life, careers, money, families, boredom, penchant to take (foolish?) risks,  grief – and how the characters face these.

The novel moved along quickly for me, even though there was arguably not much happening.

Nevertheless, McKenzie’s well developed characters managed to pull me in quickly, and I liked the play of time between past and present that kept the novel moving along at a good pace.

Hidden was an enjoyable read, with interesting and well-drawn characters I’ve grown to expect from a Catherine McKenzie novel.

If you want to see my review for another Catherine McKenzie novel, you can see my review of Fractured here.


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