Posted by: kimberlysullivan | December 8, 2017

More books “in the cloud” – Rome

Piu libri nella nuvolaI’ve been seeing ads for this interesting book fair of small and mid-sized publishers, billed as Più libri nella nuvola (More books in the cloud).

This is a play on words for the new modern Convention center designed by architect Alexandre Fuksas in the EUR section of Rome. The structure is called La nuvola (The Cloud).

The event runs 6-10 December, and I am hoping to visit this weekend – both to visit the book fair, and to finally see the new convention center that has been under construction for what seems like decades.

I see there are some segments dedicated to young adult literature – so I’ll pick a time that can interest my sons as well so we can both be happy. If you’re in Rome and love books, I’ll see you this weekend “in the cloud.”



  1. Dear Kimberly i share with you the love for Rome and its beauties not just monuments but also corners and atmospheres who are magic in different seasons.I own a B&B in Rome close to Vatican City 10 min walking to San Peter square and i hope it will not annoy you that i talk about it!
    Thanks and see you in Rome!!

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