Posted by: kimberlysullivan | January 9, 2018

Ringing in the New Year on the slopes of Abruzzo

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, ItalyI generally don’t travel far during the holidays.

While I’m almost always up for travel, the super-busy Christmas holidays is a time I’d rather not deal with hectic airports or packed trains and highways.

I tend to stick close to Rome, generally making short trips to nearby towns and cities. It’s also a great time to enjoy all that’s on offer in Rome – the theatre and exhibitions and films I never have enough time to enjoy.

And during the holidays I almost always make it out, for at least some days, to our place in the mountains of nearby Abruzzo – in the town of Ovindoli.

This year was no exception, and I enjoyed ringing in 2018 in the Apennine mountains.

Even better, there was plenty of snow on the slopes, so my family and I celebrated the first days of the New Year on the slopes – always the best way to ring in the new year.

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, ItalyMy kids are enthusiastic skiers, and as city dwellers, we’re especially happy to escape and enjoy entire days outside breathing fresh mountain air while exercising.

This year, we were lucky to have pretty good snow on the slopes, and we’d ski from early morning opening time to when the slopes closed for the day.

For me, there’s no better way to ring in the new year… and creating nice memories we’ll all draw upon now that we’re back at school and work. Sadly, good things never last forever! Hoping the snow will stick around so I can enjoy much more skiing in the new year …

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy

Ovindoli, Abruzzo, Italy




  1. Looks and sounds divine

    • Admittedly, it’s a nice way to spend one’s days. Sadly, I can’t do so every day … : )

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